Ordered my 8nm on Nov. 26, hope it doesn't get delayed lol, it's set for Jan. 3

Aviation History magazine is an authoritative, in-depth history of world aviation from its origins to the Space Age. Aviation History offers air enthusiasts the most detailed coverage of the history of manned flight, with action-packed stories and illustrations that put the reader in the cockpit with pilots and military (Army, Navy, and Marines) aviators to experience aviation’s greatest dramas. 宝塚の広告企画会社クルーズが年に4回発行している地域コミュニティ情報誌ComiPa!(コミパ!)<br> 宝塚市のグルメやお稽古、街の素敵な情報を発信!<br> 情報提供してくださる方・バナー広告主様も募集中です‼

2021.12.06 15:34 struggi123 Ordered my 8nm on Nov. 26, hope it doesn't get delayed lol, it's set for Jan. 3

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2021.12.06 15:34 Jimmy_Fallen And Blockbuster

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2021.12.06 15:34 coinmonks The Pure Price Slope. Creating Technical Indicators

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2021.12.06 15:34 nzin00 care plus cmon

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2021.12.06 15:34 ivanoski-007 Guy tries to enter a house forcibly and threatens the residents. Ends up getting tased by the police

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2021.12.06 15:34 CreemGreem1 If you had 30 seconds where the entirety of the worlds attention was focused on you, what would you do/say?

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2021.12.06 15:34 hows_my_driving1 AITA for thinking my friend is 'less manly' for being sexually abused?

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2021.12.06 15:34 LuluEsposito 👽 👽

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2021.12.06 15:34 CarryowcaZieciu Convoys still doesnt worki.

Like in the title, tried to play convoy with my gf. When I create convoy I can see her but she doesnt see me. When she creates it, it works the opposite way.
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2021.12.06 15:34 Tanyaslut69 Tanya x Viktoriya

I believe Tanya and Viktoriya would be a perfect couple. They spend so much time together in the manga. Also, Tanya loves her coffee. They are made to be. Also, they are close in age. What do you gui=u=ys think?
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2021.12.06 15:34 javaxcore Behold the master race

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2021.12.06 15:34 mcl116 Lulu Outlets?

What is the typical discount like in Lululemon outlets?
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2021.12.06 15:34 Other_Head6860 Map I’m making for a D&D campaign using the Lord of The Rings style.

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2021.12.06 15:34 Training-Honey9821 1 Cent on the Loose (find the penny)

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2021.12.06 15:34 proskk Free SG tokens. $100 worth

Get FREE CRYPTO up to $10,000 unlimited times and 15% STAKING! Shop at eBay and 1,800+ famous stores to get the crypto SocialGood (SG) More than 300,000 users since 2018! 📲Use invitation code: HKM45K to get $100 https://referral.socialgood.inc/?id=HKM45K
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2021.12.06 15:34 Monkey-_D_-Luffy What would you do if you were in the Mandela Catalogue universe?

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2021.12.06 15:34 TheTrueBucketman I cut myself today

I made my friend upset and I retreated to a corner of the room and used a thumb tact to cut my hand and wrist.
Enough to mark and sting, not enough to bleed. The more worrying part to me is it made me feel a little less worse but I recognize it's a problem.
Been struggling with depression and I think I'm in a very bad spot rn
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2021.12.06 15:34 not_a_sandwich90 Confused about mahogany versus burgundy - what should I ask for/be looking for online if fading and damage is a concern? (Current hair & goal hair pics included)

https://imgur.com/a/Vg821Mp (my current hair)
Last dye was professionally done, in April 2021 and was a dark, cool brown.
https://imgur.com/a/aqwVkt2 (goal hair)
actual question so you don’t have to read my rambling: I love the look of deep brown + purple hair. I’d like to avoid quick fading, and when it does fade, I'd like for it to fade to something wearable for a bit (like a brown base) so I'm not stressed about needing to touch it up frequently. I've read mahogany fades slower and into a more natural brown, but I'm confused on that because I thought red faded the fastest and it appears mahogany is more of a red-brown. What would you recommend I ask folook for if the deep brown/dark purple hues are my favorite? I don’t want to bleach, if that matters. #3 and #4 in the goal album are my favorites.
My biggest concern is what the purple-ish color will fade to & how quickly that’ll happen. I have heard red fades the quickest (and was told we’d have to bleach which I want to avoid), so I’m drawn to the darker bases with more purple hues than red.
I’m going to grad school and don’t want to need to touch up all the time, because poor grad student, lol.
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2021.12.06 15:34 WolfOfTheNight2 3 months no contact, 9 months of NC before then.

It's been rough, especially on myself when she broke up with me. I practically shut down over the course of 3 months and just barely pulling myself back up. I still feel like a asshole, but I really wish I could do something better... but at the moment I am cutting myself off and focusing more on my stories which is an entirely different issue in of itself.
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2021.12.06 15:34 eightbitdragon I'm happy I was finally able to make syntos look good

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2021.12.06 15:34 ProudScroll (Spoilers Extended) On the Golden Company, its composition and its politics.

Here is the rant I promised on the Golden Company and how it relates to the Blackfyre theory, I see on this sub and others that Aegon has to be a Blackfyre because he’s backed by the Golden Company which I think is a weak argument for a few reasons that I will go into.
Sources of Recruitment: The Golden Company is neat in that it seems to be something of a “Little Westeros” that wanders around the Disputed Lands, with many members being men whose families have lived with the Company for 4 generations, like Harry Strickland. But it’s very important to remember that the Company has grown significantly beyond being just the great-grandchildren of Bittersteel’s comrades but draws to its ranks men more recently exiled from Westeros as well as men from the Free Cities and Summer Isles. These more recent exiles seem to be a pretty large portion of the Company’s men, the most famous of whom is Jon Connington and its extremely likely that other Targaryen loyalists unwilling to accept the Baratheon Dynasty would have crossed the sea with him, many ending up in the Golden Company. So, while the descendants of Blackfyre supporters are still a significant chuck of the Company they are far from the only men in it.
Company Politics: The Golden Company is unique amongst sellswords in that it has (or had) a political agenda, make House Blackfyre the Royal House of Westeros. The Company was very devoted to this goal when they were led by Bittersteel or a Blackfyre but after the War of the Ninepenny Kings this mission was made forever incompletable by the death of Maelys Blackfyre. It’s true that the female line of is probably still around, but even pushing aside that its not even clear if the Iron Throne accepts female-line inheritance think on who the female line Blackfyres are. House Blackfyre spent decades in exile in Tyrosh, and many of Daemon I’s daughters and granddaughters were certainly married off to powerful magisterial families from the Free Cities for access to their wealth and ships. If Westeros wasn’t willing to rise for a true Blackfyre, imagine their horror if the Golden Company tried to put some random Lyseni Magister on the Iron Throne cause he’s a great-grandson of Daemon Blackfyre’s youngest daughter. This is the Blackfyre equivalent of Catelyn’s rant about Robb’s cousins in the Vale and these female line Blackfyres are about as likely to end up on the throne as some Templeton is to become Lord of Winterfell. They spend the next 30ish years nursing their strength from the beating they took in the Stepstones and while that happens, the Targaryens are overthrown and are replaced with the Baratheons. While I’ve seen lots of people assume that the Company met this news with glee, and maybe they did for Aerys had fought against them when he was still Prince of Dragonstone I think the rise of the Baratheons was not something they were in favor of, the Company Old Guard and the Targaryen loyalists now filling out their ranks had one political belief in common, the Iron Throne can only be held be a male-line descendant of Aegon the Conqueror, red or black a dragon is still a dragon and the black ones were all dead and not long afterward bald man from Lys comes to Myles Toyne with a purple-eyed baby…
Institutional Change: A big argument against Aegon son of Rhaegar being that is the claim that Company was founded to put a Blackfyre on the throne, Tyrion makes a similar remark in Dance but I think it misses out on something. Throughout the series we see the Institutions of Westeros have strayed far from their founding purposes, the Night’s Watch forgot that it existed to fight the Others and not the Wildlings, the Kingsguard was sworn to defend the True King and be the greatest and most chivalrous knights in the realm and with an exception or two the current crop are corrupt weirdos who are defending an impostor, and not all that well at that. With that in mind why is it crazy to think the Golden Company will stray too? How closely does your own politics align with those of your great-great grandfather? Would you be willing to die for the same things he did? Probably not and I doubt that the Company is any different.
Conclusion: Apologies for the somewhat scattered take on this but I really wanted to get my thoughts out on this and want to know what yall think on it. I used to be a big believer in the Blackfyre theory but over time I’ve moved further against it as I think it would be much more narratively interesting and poignant if Aegon VI really is the trueborn son of Rhaegar and rightful King (per the Targaryen succession). I don’t want Daenerys’s emotions around learning another Targaryen is in the world or Jon’s realization that he has a new brother to come from a lie, it hits so much harder if it really is him.
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2021.12.06 15:34 TheBlazeBot Poll: 40% of Latinos say the term 'Latinx' is offensive; nearly a third less likely to vote for candidate who uses it

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2021.12.06 15:34 The_fractal_effect Pretty much

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2021.12.06 15:34 Maleficent-Baby3802 Just packed sane in the 85+ ? I accept any tip for lineup:) Looking to acquire Nkunku on Thursday.

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2021.12.06 15:34 JesusCumelette Oregon governor spotted maskless in DC despite pushing permanent mask mandates in her own state

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