[HIRING] COMMISSION OPEN! Starts in 10$ USD, any question feel free to send me a DM ^^

2021.12.06 13:59 BissonGih [HIRING] COMMISSION OPEN! Starts in 10$ USD, any question feel free to send me a DM ^^

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2021.12.06 13:59 thoughtsfromuranus Does someone knows something about these claims?

I really like Robert Salas, he seems very, very credible to me (although he is not a direct witness) but does someone found something about the video of the nuclear missile he talks about?
Also, and more importantly, did someone found something about these guy he says that was able to talk to an alien civilization? (Robert could've been fed false info, obviously)
Thank you very much guys!
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2021.12.06 13:59 Haplophyrne_Mollis Petroglyph inscription of Smilidon Found in Arizona, helping to settle the debate on what these cats may have looked like. Credit to U/OncaAtrox.

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2021.12.06 13:59 accordingtomydickkk Test

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2021.12.06 13:59 magicwolfdog Endgame was 2019 dolitle was 2020 HA!

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2021.12.06 13:59 Dazzling-Theory-7422 should I stay or should I leave

I need to know if I should end the relationship or keep trying? A little back story on our relationship... I female [19]have been with my boyfriend[21] for I guess you could say on and off for four years he was my first everything, my first love we broke up probably for the first time in I think 2019 or 2018 I can not remember the exact date. we broke up then because we were still in high school and there was so much drama at the time we have always been pretty toxic for each other even when we were younger I always feel like we try to hurt one another because we know the perfect things to get under each other skin when we broke up than he did say some pretty unforgettable things like telling me he could always have better than me and that I'm a second choice and for me at the time being so young and knowing him for so long and having a strong bond with him it just broke me but I didn't want to leave we always did this thing where we would break up but get back together right away so I thought that when we ended things we were going to get back together. The next day I woke up to him having a new girlfriend. He is two years older than me at the time He was 18 so he had left school and I was still in it we were done with one another he went on dating this girl for about 8 months and I didn't date or see anyone for about a year. This is where stuff started to get shaky he was the only boy I had ever been with but I was NOT the only girl he has been with he had a decent number when we had first met but I didn't care about stuff like that after him and the girl broke up he started sleeping with a lot of girls it took me a year before I had hooked up with anyone else but I never got into another relationship. After about a year and five months into the breakup, he started texting me again every day begging for me back saying he's changed and how he realized I'm the girl he wants to end up with, At that point, I wanted nothing to do with him I was doing great in my job and I was doing great in school it hurt me so much that I had to see him with that girl and she got to meet his family in a month of them being together and I never met them in our whole two-year relationship and she got to be around his friend's things he would never do with me so I was just not answering him or giving him the time of day at all but it's important to bring up at this point he is no longer the only guy I had slept with there were two more boys that I have been with Now. Not thinking about my ex anymore at this point I was seeing the second guy that I had hooked up with for a while we never dated but we talked for about five months we kinda started to fall off than me and my ex started talking again I was giving him a little bit of a chance because after about a year of trying and texting me and just trying to make it work even though I was not answering him or blowing him off I finally felt like he deserved it but we were both doing our own thing we never made it clear that we were just seeing each other. after about two months of us talking again found out I was pregnant by the other guy I had been seeing after finding out I was three months pregnant I lost the baby had an ectopic pregnancy the baby daddy did not want anything to do with me or the baby. That was going on me terrified to tell my ex because I know that might have been something we could not recover from because when I first found out I was pregnant didn't know it was an ectopic pregnancy so I thought that I was going to be A mom. he took it pretty well when I told him, of course, he was hurt and sad but he was supportive and he said all the right things I needed to hear he was the only one that had said the right thing when I was going through all that.

Now me at the time\[18\] and him \[21\] have talked and we told one another that we are not sleeping or talking to anybody else anymore or sleep with anyone else. Things seem great we get back together and he did seem like he changed it was really about me now and wanted us to work. That only lasted for about two months. he can not get over the fact that he's not the only guy that I have been with anymore ever since I told him that I had been with three people total in the almost two years that we were apart he has treated me different and he makes a little side comment and always throw the past and the whole baby thing in my face. When he first found out he told me he would be by my side now he says things like we could have never been together if you had the baby or how he can't forgive me for getting pregnant by some else. he has told me that it hurts him to know that I was with other boys and that it changed his view on me because he didn't think I was that type of girl can I be treated like a slut when he has been with so many other girls and I never throw that in his face. Now we have been together for a while he made me delete the guys I had slept with within the past and block them that was okay I got and understood that but the thing is he still has not gotten rid of any of his exes, not even the one that he left me for and she still text him and he TEXT her back but he would never allow me to even answer a boys text let alone A ex text. When the guy I got pregnant by texted me apologize about everything I was sleeping so I never knew he text me off a different account my boyfriend logged into my snap because he has my passwords but I have NONE of his and read the text and freaked out on me he was so mad at me he couldn't even talk to me or look at me but I never even texted the guy back or looked at it in our relationship he is so jealous and he has no trust for me but I have never done anything to hurt this man I have always been honest and real with him have shown him love and respect that I have never shown anyone but he acts like I'm some dirty girl sleeping with everything that moves and its starting to get to me because I hate that I have never judged him and he has done so much worse than me. There is so much he never let me touch his phone when it's unlocked when I go to just even look at the time he grabs his phone super fast then just tells me the time he has never just giving me his phone to hold if I need to use it for some odd reason like the flashlight to look for something, He takes it to the bathroom he takes upstairs with him it's very weird too but for some reason, I feel like I don't have the right to say anything or that I'm being too crazy or distrust worthy if I ask about it. He also has a very big problem with me leaving my house to go hang out with friends or drink he will get very mad at me he does not like any of my friends and will not talk to them I have stopped going out and seeing them because I'm so tired of always fighting about it and no matter how many time I have proven to him there is nothing to worry about he just can't handle it but then he will hang out with his friends every day he will even call me to his house or come over to mine to just leave to be with his friends he does this almost every time to me then he will leave for hours he will do it after sex and he knows I find that so disrespectful and degrading but when I bring it up he just gets so mad and ALWAYS turns it on me by saying stuff like fine I won't have a life anymore because you won't let me or things like wow you are acting like this because I want to hang out with other people than you, he conuties to say things like I gusse I will only talk and be around you then. The thing is I want him to have a life so I can also be allowed to have one but what I don't like is him getting to think he can do this and me not being able to do even half of the stuff that he does then he acts like I can't get mad at things I wouldn't care if he hung out with friends but don't do it on days where you made plans with me is that wrong for me to ask or just the fact that I can't even hang out with my sister without him getting so mad that he blocks me from seeing his post and a whole social media account where he is talking about needing a wife or how he needs a girl who is going to blow his mind and a bunch of other stuff that you don't post when you have a girlfriend it makes it even worse that he blocked me from seeing it then when I bring it up to him he gets mad and says omg it's just soical media you take it too seriously like people know you are my girlfriend or if you would text me back faster then I wouldnt make a post like that. 
I do love him a lot and we have been through a lot but I don't feel respected or as he loves me as I love him I have done everything he has asked of me and I have done it right away but I see him making no change and when he does it never lasts for more than a week his first reaction to everything is anger he never tries to talk it out or apologize he always put the blame on me I'm so drained with having the same fights and feeling like I'm always losing or compromising myself and changing for him to be what he needs but there is so much that he doesn't want to work on for me then he says things like I'm trying to change him when I'm not I'm just trying to change our situation so we can work and maybe be together. I will admit that I have been breaking up with him a lot because that is the only time he listens to what I have to say but I always come back to him one because I did love him now I don't know I just slowly feel it leaving I don't miss or think about him the way I use to we always fight and I feel I'm sadder than happy but they why can't I just leave him when I try to leave he always say you give up so easily you don't fight for us you must not love me then I feel like maybe I'm not doing enough or like maybe I need to try harder and leaving isn't the answer Everything about this man has me stuck i love his family and don't want to lose them and I love the bond i have built with him but it is just sending me to a dark place and i don't know what the answer is here
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2021.12.06 13:59 OddWish9938 They need to fix headers. One team can not have that much attacking headers. (Preseason matches, Not using Near post corner set pieces)

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2021.12.06 13:59 HostCertain6184 Why is female genitalia not appreciated as much as male genitalia, boobs and butts are?

For example female genitalia is more often seen as gross, taboo, not talked or joked about or drawn, not boasted about or focused on, under appreciated.
Oral sex is also not as commonly perfomed on them
And male genitalia is so appreciated that men who are attracted to women even like to see women who have male genitalia, in porn and so on. Or at least have the curiosity or bucketlist thing for them or atleast are more likely to have sex with them
People attracted to men however have no sexual curiosity nor interest in men who have female genitalia.
The only gender and sexuality with an interest in the genitalia of the gender they are not attracted to is hetero men.
Why is this all the case?
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2021.12.06 13:59 nxm_incxnnu got this plant as a present, can anyone tell me how to care for it? and what is it call

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2021.12.06 13:59 ggMatther My GIM RNG is pretty nuts to say the least.

My GIM RNG is pretty nuts to say the least. I am genuinely stunned at this RNG lol. No RCB yet though.
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2021.12.06 13:59 tea_rations Tried my hand at a mandalorian. I need me some C&C to improve!

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2021.12.06 13:59 Fadedashe Trading polar bear for fly pot

Or phoenix ?
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2021.12.06 13:59 ZoobBot 190996

This is the 190996th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.06 13:59 legondor WB: Zekrom lvl 40 can add 10 asap 1363 9625 3825. If you are added you will be invited!!

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2021.12.06 13:59 AdrianRad74 Just landed in BKK from US via Istanbul.

Sharing my experience: Just landed in BKK, actually in hotel now waiting for result. The flights were packed from US to IST, then half from IST to BKK. For some odd reason, even if the airplane was half empty, they had us in one segment of the cabin, and kept the other one almost empty. Social distancing? Turkish airline can do better. In Bkk, the whole process was super fast, get your papers printed in at least two sets, have the passport and ticket ready along with ThailandPass and PCR test on hand. They didn't ask for anyting else, but never know. Be ready for a long walk through the airport. First check, to make sure you have ThaiPass and test results in hand with passport and first ticket to check the times. Second, a point where you actually give them the said documents, and they verify, 30 seconds and move. Immigration, fast and easy, they ask for passport, visa, T6? form or so (you get that on the airplane on last segment to BKK). fingerprints and stamp. Baggage claim faster than usual, then directly to hotel meeting point, where it was a mess, probably two flights on same time, a huge crowd, little confusion, until the hotel staff takes you to the car. My hotel had three cars for three people, good thing. Straight to the hotel, got a test, curently waiting for result and keep you entertained. Ask me if you need more info that you think I may have. Good luck. Oh, and the worst experience was that A LOT of people in the airplane were coughing, and of course, they were the ones not wearing a F mask. I undersand that you can't be paranoic, not all coughs are covid, but when your vaccation depends on someone else proximity, is not what you want to deal with.
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2021.12.06 13:59 zeusdex Small spaceship diorama

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2021.12.06 13:59 EllenderEugene We're looking for DeFi fans for an interview for a money reward

We're researching to find out what the DeFi community is interested in. And we're looking for people who are willing to participate in an interview and answer some questions. It's going to take about an hour.

Particularly interested in participants from the US, West Europe, Saudi Arabia.
Some money reward can be discussed.

Please, answer me here or in DM if you're in.
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2021.12.06 13:59 Aisling_W Has anyone else noticed the misleading in the press about what percentage of the population here is vaccinated?

The truth is that 77% of the total population here is fully vaccinated. 78% partially. Yet the politicians and papers keep saying ‘90 %’ and up. It’s misleading at best, and outright purposeful lie at worst. I mean…WTF?
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2021.12.06 13:59 rcoberle_54 I'm thinking about submitting some books to CGC. Thoughts?

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2021.12.06 13:59 ivek32 OC poster design of the legendary 996

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2021.12.06 13:59 Alternative-Debate62 Solve it.

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2021.12.06 13:59 OdogsamomiLomqk Cancer risk in obesity - Glucose control is a key factor for reduced cancer risk in obesity and type 2 diabetes

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2021.12.06 13:59 Fishy_trash Went to a Lego store full of lose bricks and bought those 4 for €6!

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2021.12.06 13:59 Aggressive-Cup-3959 wrist 18cm and fenix 6

I've got a great deal for fenix 6pro on black friday. Now i notice that watch is somehow small for my wrist. I've also try 6x model in store and it is huge, maybe too much. Does anyone wear fenix 6 with around 18cm / 7.08" and he used to it, even if it looks kind of bulky?
My friend has Huawei GT2 pro which is actually same 47x47 mm by size but screen is little larger 1.39" (fenix has 1,3"). It fits him perftectly and he has even bigger wrist than me.
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2021.12.06 13:59 The_moment_ends Currently the best odds to win a ps5 online. As of now there is a 1/18 chance to win.

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