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did these producers and directors of that fu**ing industry have some humanity or not ??

Alysa Nahmias is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of the Los Angeles-based production company AJNA. Her work has been shown at festivals and exhibitions worldwide, including the Venice Biennale, Sundance, LACMA, and MoMA, and she has made films with and for platforms including Netflix, HBO, PBS, and Al-Jazeera. Her directorial debut about Cuba’s revolutionary architecture,... The month of March celebrates the contributions women have made throughout history in science, politics, law, sports, the arts, entertainment, and many other fields. Strictly Come Dancing 2021: Week 11 – Rose Ayling-Ellis's leap of faith puts her on top. The actress wowed with a flying lift. But AJ Odudu and John Whaite got into trouble with their salsa stunts Many of us have some general sense of these things, but I think it would be valuable for both contributors and yourself to lay that out more explicitly. Will this make people write “for” the contest, rather than in their own particular voice (an issue expressed more fully and effectively by Scott Serradell in the top comment on this post . Accordingly, “the queer community has not responded with gratitude to these gay bread crumbs from Disney. In an essay for Vanity Fair , K. Austin Collins argued that the Star Wars kiss — and Disney’s other after-thought queer moments like it — might technically be steps forward for Disney, but are so far behind the rest of the world ... Lana Wachowski (born June 21, 1965, formerly known as Larry Wachowski) and Lilly Wachowski (born December 29, 1967, formerly known as Andy Wachowski) are American film and television directors, writers and producers. The sisters are both trans women.. Collectively known as the Wachowskis (/ w ə ˈ tʃ aʊ s k i /), the sisters have worked as a writing and directing team through most of their ... Italians (Italian: italiani [itaˈljaːni]) are a Romance ethnic group native to the Italian geographical region and its neighboring insular territories. Italians share a common culture, history, ancestry and language. Legally, Italian nationals are citizens of Italy, regardless of ancestry or nation of residence (in effect, however, Italian nationality is largely based on jus sanguinis) and ... James Tiberius "Jim" Kirk was a male Human Starfleet officer who lived during the 23rd century. Kirk was arguably one of the most famous and highly decorated starship captains in the history of Starfleet. As the commanding officer of the Constitution-class starships USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise-A, Kirk served United Federation of Planets interests as an explorer, soldier, diplomat, and ... The government has announced the appointment of a new Board of Directors for the ZESCO. Energy Minister Peter Kapala announced the new ZESCO Board at a press briefing in Lusaka. E. very time there is an open directing assignment, a list of possible directors is put together. You might have to do this as an assistant, or as a producer or writer yourself trying to attach the RIGHT director to your project.That’s why we’re going to go over an extensive list of the best female directors.

2021.12.06 13:44 Interesting-Strain98 did these producers and directors of that fu**ing industry have some humanity or not ??

even i will not agree if someone give me millions or billions to upload lustful content. but why don't they understand, don't they have some humanity ? they are just running behind the wealth and ruining our lives. what will happen if their own kids get addict to porn and destroy their life by porn. will they shoot their kids as well ? i don't think so. then why they are doing this with us, how far they will go for money only ?
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2021.12.06 13:44 chasiupanda Self employed legal requirements

So I have been offered an ‘ad hoc’ contract for a company based in the UK. This is to provide professional services such as reports and advice where needed.
However, I am currently based in Poland. Can anyone advise what steps I need to take to:
A) ensure I’m doing tax avoidance
B) create my own business - not sure if 100% required but I think for liability reasons this is smart. Also my understanding is self-employed brings about other benefits. Is it required? And if so does anyone know if I would need to create in the UK, or Poland?
C) any specifics that I should be cautious of in the contract?
This is my first time taking on such work, and I’m a little scared I’m in over my head...
Any and all advise welcome, especially from anyone with similar experience
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2021.12.06 13:44 i_am_Deucalion damn, these fathers

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2021.12.06 13:44 KT_Evolved365 Why exactly do we not allow people younger than 10 to start blockers?

Trans men start growing breasts at like 9 or earlier in some cases. What possible benefit does starting 60% through puberty offer besides panic?
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2021.12.06 13:44 Creepsinart Hey it's the three furries! (Scrybes)

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2021.12.06 13:44 The_Chapagne_Poet Hey Girl , are you my cousin?

cause i wanna have sex with you
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2021.12.06 13:44 Farsgreed F$ck round, find out.

It all depends on how YOU say it, because that determines what Ima DO.
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2021.12.06 13:44 EduBA Un joven denunció a su ex novia por agredirlo

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2021.12.06 13:44 Entire-Shelter-693 Perfection in one image

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2021.12.06 13:44 floralfragments Please help me think of solutions

Since the beginning of this year I’ve been seeing a private pain management doctor, we tried many different treatments that didn’t work and had eventually got to trying pregabalin I was recommended 25mg to begin with but said that I probably won’t see an improvement until about 150mg. My gp approved this and I took 25mg for a month (in July) and it had no effect.
I then go back to my gp after a while (November) and asked if they can increase the dose as per the specialists advice, they say I should go back on 25mg for another month before they do so as it had been a while since I was last on pregabalin.
Meanwhile I get a call from the nhs asking if I still wanted to see the nhs pain management doctor that I requested to see 2 years ago I say yes and go see them.
The nhs pain specialist was very condescending and dismissive to me and I was told cognitive behavioural therapy is my only option that he does not recommend pregabalin as it will cause me liver failure (yes at 25 mg lol) and weight gain (I’m literally underweight on the bmi, that would be desirable)
He said if he had a family member with my issue he ‘would never recommend them to be on any meds’ to that I asked ‘if he’d rather see his family member in pain?’ And he replied saying ‘he’d also tell his family member to leave his office’, at the end I asked if this appointment will affect the treatment plan I already had in place and he said no.
The next time I call my gp and ask about a dose increase they tell me they won’t, as there is now two conflicting opinions from two different specialists. I also asked about seeing a neurologist To that they said that it’ll take a few months to get their opinion on my case, but when they do get back, only then will they consider increasing my dose and that’s if they agree with my private pain management doctor’s opinion
I feel so hopeless. I had a lot of faith in pregabalin working, I have nothing else to manage my pain. my attendance at college is dropping these days I have no energy to deal with my pain I can’t study or think straight it’s just too distracting. I feel so guilty for being a bad student (attendance/performance wise) and letting my teachers down. I don’t know what to do next or how to cope, I still want to get to the bottom of my issue, I want to know that there’s hope and we’re looking for solutions. I don’t want to feel this pain.
(I have chronic neck pain and constant cervicogenic headaches, pain levels can flare up to the point I can’t move)
TL;DR, gp won’t increase dosage of pregabalin as I recently got a second “specialist” opinion and they didn’t want me to be on it. I feel hopeless and I’m wondering if you guys have any advice for me?
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2021.12.06 13:44 ExpertAccident Thor and “Lightning” McQueen

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2021.12.06 13:44 OkRelation4693 Nicole Dobrikov ach ich liebe euch Girls

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2021.12.06 13:44 TourtsWrioutch Just Launched Son Of Cheems $SOC | already 10x | Potential 100x | CG and CMC listing soon | Time to the moon

🐶SON OF CHEEMS || $SOC🐶 🐶 Son Of Cheems is project created from the idea of a crypto-loving community and is sponsored by many large investment funds, on the day of the pancakeswap list we will fly to the moon is certain because there is a plan and a success. ✅ GROWING COMMUNITY ✅ LOCKED LIQUIDITY AFTER LAUNCH ✅ CONTRACT VERIFIED! ✅ NO TEAM TOKEN ✅ RENOUNCED 🐶 TOKENOMICS 🐶 SUPPLY : 69,000,000,000,000 LP LOCKED : 100% TAX : 13% MARKETING : 2% ADD LP : 5% BACK TO HOLDERS : 6% ▶️ Coingecko ▶️ CoinMarketCap ▶️ YouTubeTwitteTikTok Promo ▶️ Social Media ads + Marketing ▶️ Press release / articles ▶️ Big Influencers ✅ Smart Contract : https://bscscan.com/address/0x74b2fE9cDaA2566Ef822DCfC1e8033C6310Ebff4 🥞 PancakeSwap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x74b2fE9cDaA2566Ef822DCfC1e8033C6310Ebff4 LP Locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xb009C8E5bBc07D17FFf6d7BE0fFecFD1303B2C02 Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0x74b2fE9cDaA2566Ef822DCfC1e8033C6310Ebff4
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2021.12.06 13:44 SAROMON1989 Late autumn on Vitosha Mountain, near the Dragalevski monastery [4224x5632] [OC]

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2021.12.06 13:44 Major_Ad5161 Any scholarships available for living expenses?

Got accepted with full tuition scholarship at a T20 school but the cost of living is still above 30k a year. Considering I won’t be working during MBA, I’d have to take out loans for around 60k in 2 years, which I want to avoid.
Was hoping to get some advice, for those of you that got a full ride:

  1. Do they usually cover full costs for attendance or only tuition? Mine is full tuition, should I reach out and ask for possible stipend?
  2. Any outside/external scholarships available that will cover cost of living?
  3. What are some of the jobs fellow MBA students are taking on campus that is not considered a waste of time?
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2021.12.06 13:44 SpaceKeeper025 Please STOP killing my game at these critical moments, my team needs me

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2021.12.06 13:44 Repedtro Revolution

join my server we will storm a discord server and spread propaganda images
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2021.12.06 13:44 DealsCanada MTL ONLY – Half a Dozen St-Viateur Bagels for $0.97

Expires: December 26, 2021 Retailer: Pharmaprix
It is an awesome deal! I eat a bagel a day and its an awesome deal. Usually half a dozen goes for $6.5 at St-Viateur itself.
Make sure they ate fresh but 6 for 0.97 is an awesome deal!
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2021.12.06 13:44 SuckMyEggg It’s that time of month again. £500 loss since April!

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2021.12.06 13:44 potato_faith My first king koi!

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2021.12.06 13:44 Empty_Value The official coat warmer of the 2021/22 season

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2021.12.06 13:44 AudaciouSin The Collection, So Far.

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2021.12.06 13:44 seguromy Gapminder - Worldview Upgrader

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2021.12.06 13:44 ZoobBot 190993

This is the 190993rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.06 13:44 ManuelLopez478 Ho Ho Hodl Cardano I Ugly Christmas Sweater ADA

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