Indeed ✨ FABULOUS ✨

2021.12.06 13:52 DerpyFox_ Indeed ✨ FABULOUS ✨

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2021.12.06 13:52 Iya_con Uearth and aamc

Testing 1/20. started the aamc material on friday but I still have some uearth questions left. Around 900 questions. How do I split those with the aamc material?
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2021.12.06 13:52 CoachNaber01 APES TO THE MOON!!! Is Ryan Cohen building us a Welcome Center on the moon? Maybe Apes will get their before the ROVER

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2021.12.06 13:52 blueorchid49 Anyone else just make their house special the most expensive pizza possible 😅?

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2021.12.06 13:52 JurassicNinja Need someone to help with a linux quiz dealing with awk sed and regular expressions ASAP will need to prove they can do a sample question prior

Have a quiz in about 10 minutes for AWK SED and regular expressions in linux. I need to see proof that you can do it by answering a random question.
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2021.12.06 13:52 Onediamondfilms Let go of your guilt & forgive yourself, it’s not that serious (SELF-FOR...

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2021.12.06 13:52 coinmonks Luna Token Market Analysis December 2021

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2021.12.06 13:52 Raysbyryan My work from home 😊

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2021.12.06 13:52 ericla1014 Theoretically wouldn’t LUNA be like a hedge against crypto bear?

New to Terra but during a bear market demand for stablecoins increases, so as the demand for UST increases wouldn’t LUNA also increase in price and basically act as a hedge against a crypto bear market? The price would initially drop due to panic but the tokenomics would eventually bring it up again right?
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2021.12.06 13:52 plssomeadvice 5 love languages, is it okay to need them all?

I (25f) understand the concept, and that in a relationship is needed to have them all, some may seem more important and some less; my question is about needing the 5 of them; the moment my partner (24m) stops giving me affirmation words I focused on that, but he may be spending more quality time with me; or he got me a gift but didn’t come to take care of me when I was sick.
I guess it is impossible to give it all in a relationship, and I focused to much in the ones I am not receiving instead of the ones I am. I feel bad because I want to give all of them all the time but not everyone is as intense as I am; I just get so carried away when I like someone that I just wanna see them happy any way I can; but I feel hurt when the other person doesn’t do the same for me.
My bf used to give me affirmations words a lot, and now he doesn’t, and I don’t understand why and he doesn’t either, but I also feel like I am always catching him in things he is not doing, and trying to control his love languages, so I decided to start asking for things instead of feeling attacked, and it is not working great honestly; any advice? Why do love languages change? I admit I didn’t read the book, but I know I still feel like I need all of them, but maybe it is too much pressure for one person, and should get my needs covered by different people.
TLDR. I need help understanding if it is okay to want to receive all five languages from your partner, and if not how I can stop focusing on the ones I am lacking and appreciate the ones I am receiving
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2021.12.06 13:52 Rektisrekt 2.3 Abyss experience

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2021.12.06 13:52 Sufficient-Biscotti4 Anime to deal with grief from my dog's passing

My dog just died recently (last weekend) and I've been absolutely devastated since then. I've been wavering between the stages of grief, sometimes I've accepted his death, sometimes I'd wish he was here, by my side, like nothing happened. Still feel like crying as I write this.
I've been trying to look for tutorials on how to cope, but I think I'd be able to process this trauma better if I could be able to relate to others' experiences and see how they worked through their grief. Some suggestions from other sites I've seen so far were Given and Anohana, so I'm looking for anime like those.
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2021.12.06 13:52 daddy_mark If you were being interviewed and someone asked: 'what's a genuinely terrible thing about you? Not a good thing that you creatively pretend is bad, something really terrible.' how would you respond?

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2021.12.06 13:52 deborahbiggz Let’s do something

Hey, I’m a technocrat from the United States who’s specifically interested in organizing and planning gatherings and demonstrations in favor of technocracy. I recently ordered posters and commissioned a flag for real use, and am currently working on creating the internal structure for an organized party. I’d like to be able to get in touch with more like minded individuals, and would love to collaborate on larger endeavors. Any ideas for what to do moving forward would be appreciated, and thanks in advance for anyone interested.
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2021.12.06 13:52 Nohan07 Pourquoi les élus guadeloupéens et le "Collectif des organisations de lutte" ne se retrouvent pas pour débuter les négociations

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2021.12.06 13:52 ZoolShop John Miles dead aged 72

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2021.12.06 13:52 daniellarson_fan Germany if it looked cooler

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2021.12.06 13:52 steelman14 [Longines] My First Watch!

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2021.12.06 13:52 NFT_DigitalArt Giveaway! Upvote and drop your wallet - Luxury (and not so luxury) Watch NFTs [X-post from /r/opensea]

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2021.12.06 13:52 This-League4327 NTA Raters

Hi all,
I was just wondering if anyone has NTA for US Raters? It's at NTA, but I also got the extra hours email.

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2021.12.06 13:52 miroticaps [CA-BC] [H] PayPal [W] Iron180 Forged Carbon Fiber Plate Tsangan 7U + PCB

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to purchase an extra forged carbon fibre plate and PCB for the Iron180. If you only have the plate, I am also fine with purchasing that alone.
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2021.12.06 13:52 coryallegory Chapter 3, new season, new battlepass to level up!

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2021.12.06 13:52 Iblis000 She feels so real

Ever since I started to MD, there was always some girl in my storylines, someone who loved me, and I imagined doing the usual relationship stuff with her, going out on dates, cuddling, or even just having a deep conversation.
Now, thankfully, I have a lot of people in my life who care about me, friends and family, but for some reason it just feels like something is missing, everyday I feel like I'm lacking a piece of me, and it feels like that girl from my dreams (or somebody else like her) is the only person who can fix that.
Lately, whenever I dream about her I feel so happy, I get butterflies in my stomach, the idea of her just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but when I remember she doesn't exist, the loneliness just hits me like a truck again. Idk why I just wanted to tell someone that, I don't talk to my friends about my MD much.
TLDR: Just another 15 y/o who wants a gf, daydreaming about her makes me feel extremely happy and loved, when I remember she doesn't exist I feel shitty.
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2021.12.06 13:52 Positive_Noise_8085 Help me to find the type of this cactus.

Help me to find the type of this cactus. How this cactus is called ? What is his scientific name ? Does this cactus even exists with these orange flowers ? When I bought it it was near some cactuses with glued fake flowers and I don`t know if his flowers are even real.
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2021.12.06 13:52 johnny_z26 Personal Hell by Even the Dogs

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