Avec mon amis steph

2021.10.23 16:49 wallygay Avec mon amis steph

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2021.10.23 16:49 ZeroOneJump When two future Bronyas meet each other

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2021.10.23 16:49 Lakers8813 Thanks to you, Fortnite Reddit, I was successful during the Horde Rush Event.

Only about two to three hours ago or so I posted here looking for others to play with me, I ended up needing three. First off, I played the LTM for like 4 hours this morning trying to find randoms to join me so we can finish the event...it was terrible TBH. People were rude and/or had zero idea on what to do.
I made the post not really expecting it to work too well, but I figured why not try. I Just finished the event with u/Shaweih, u/KingMoonstone, and Moonstone's friend. We played through all five games, but got the required point total after 3! We ended up with 3,689 points (As of now, top 2%). I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out, I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it went, how well we all worked together, and just how nice everyone was. GGs.
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2021.10.23 16:49 rizzo49er The doge life

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2021.10.23 16:49 Queen_of_Love_Sona test

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2021.10.23 16:49 EmpyreanStrider The most useless I've ever been at a raid

Normally I know what to do during raids and can normally lead certain encounters and I have also done Vault of Glass many times. However, this time no matter what happened I was just useless this time.
I joined a lfg doing the Atheon encounter and joined smoothly but no sound whatsoever. No in-game sound no voice chat nothing. I can't communicate with the team and they can't me. I had xeno but no way of knowing what the callouts were and someone had the relic so I was pretty useless there. I got pulled through the portals 3 times and during the dps phases I was always detained and the last dps I was killed after breaking out of detain so I couldn't even manage a proper dps phase. Anyway the team proceeds to kill Atheon and I just feel like a fraud for doing absolutely nothing important or contributing to the raid.
I haven't said this before in a while but to the team that basically carried me through the encounter... Thanks for putting up with me.
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2021.10.23 16:49 Business-Artichoke53 Jacob’s appearance?

I haven’t met Jacob yet, but I saw plenty of screenshots and he apparently looks the same to every player... I’m very disappointed tbh, is that a reason for it to be like this? Does the storyline justify why he may look nothing like your MC ( maybe half-brother or is disguised with magic, Idk) or is JC just lazy? Cause’ I don’t about how you guys feel about this, but to me MC’s brother is such a big deal in the main story, like all the expectation around him, I kinda idealize him. I wish he was more like to MC so I’d feel more of a connection. Couldn’t JC have programmed him so his skin color ( maybe hair and eye color too) also matched the player MC? Or maybe allowed us to customize him the first time he appears? I feel like there’s no space for diversity
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2021.10.23 16:49 Cringerich Verzetteln ist mein Hobby!

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2021.10.23 16:49 FFrigo89 Possibilidades da Rodada 28

Possibilidades da Rodada 28 Em resumo:
  1. Classificação atual, antes da 28ª rodada
  2. Melhor posição que cada time pode assumir depois da rodada
  3. Pior posição que um time pode ficar depois da rodada
  4. Nas cores as faixas de classificação de Libertadores, Sula e Rebaixamento.

G4 se desgarrando do G7, bolo do meio se formando e Grêmio voltando para a briga.
Galo e Chape seguem isolados no topo e na lanterna.
Claramente baseado no "Weekly Permutations" do experimental361.com
E mais disso em https://pingback.com/base
Com probabilidades
São feitas 10 mil simulações com as informações do Ornitorrinco, considerando que o maior placar de uma partida é 3x0, abaixo a probabilidade calculada dessa forma. Atlético-GO x Grêmio foi feito com base em sites de apostas, considerando apenas 1x0

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2021.10.23 16:49 hikozathgtf A couple of treats for you? M'lady

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2021.10.23 16:49 NiHaowo Boobs r so weird I love them

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2021.10.23 16:49 JacobLeAwesome Lost drink wristband

Anyone know if I can get another 21+ wristband for alc? I stupidly took it off after I came home after day 1 smh
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2021.10.23 16:49 Chop1n What was the last album that still sounded like the '80s without being a deliberate throwback to the '80s?

Many late '80s albums still sound very much of the '80s, and yet that sound seemed to fade almost as soon as the '90s began. What was there in the early '90s, for example, that could still be mistaken for a product of the prior decade?
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2021.10.23 16:49 plushgamR Unfunny:(of something intended to be funny) not amusing.

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2021.10.23 16:49 Taggy120 The bag is growing

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2021.10.23 16:49 BuyWebistics Atalanta Udinese Master Thread

Date: October 24 Time: 12:30 CET
Atalanta gets the lunchtime kickoff on sunday! Thinnnn defense!
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2021.10.23 16:49 Fluffy-Ad-9702 Retaining employees

Is it true that Amazon doesn’t want to retain pple like don’t want people staying 3+ years. Also Why you think they made easy to resign on A to Z.
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2021.10.23 16:49 avocadope420 Look at this PT Cruiser

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2021.10.23 16:49 Mr_Rage2015 FOTD

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2021.10.23 16:49 virgowaters66 Day 23: Leak

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2021.10.23 16:49 Sunshin85 9 house lord (Venus) in 7 house (Cancer), what does it mean?

Any thoughts? Thax
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2021.10.23 16:49 1nfamousSC BrickLink question

Hello everyone,
First and foremost, I am very new to BrickLink and there are couple of mandalorian loyalists that I would like to purchase but Im a little confused about something.
Earlier today I had messaged a seller asking if the figures included their respective accessories such as the helmet, jet pack and dual blasters. I also explained to him that I’m new to the website and needed clarity prior to purchasing them. His response was the “figures typically don’t come with their accessories”. I responded and asked for a bit of clarity and he has not responded back. I had also ask this question to other sellers but no one was able to respond back.
His figures are listed as new and show the helmet and jet pack are included. Is it safe to assume that I’m getting those and just not the blasters?
I’m looking at Similar posts of new figures but none are really specific.
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2021.10.23 16:49 FlatMarzipan All the doctors in this game must be out of business very quickly

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2021.10.23 16:49 reallyokay123 Husband’s Comments

I want to preface this by saying that my husband is a very loving and caring partner. However, sometimes he says things (without thinking) that leave me feeling hurt.
Last night we were watching a video about early laboactive labor. He was really engaged, asked questions, wanted to do the activities. It was sweet and made me excited to go through this process with him. But then, he stopped the video after she was discussing epidurals and I stated that it’s my plan to get one. His contribution to this was to say, “I feel like you’re giving up already because you want an epidural and c-section.” I mentioned to him over the course of the pregnancy about the latter and how if it happens, it happens. Usually this wouldn’t bother me, from anyone else, but the fact my own husband thinks I’m somehow “giving up” because of my birth plan (it’s really only the epidural) made me want to cry.
And then, to top it off, after the video he looks at my stomach and with wide eyes says “your stretch marks are getting bigger.” Like yes, yes they are. I’m growing a human. I’ve been very open about how self conscious I feel while everything is growing and I just feel so incredibly downtrodden and sad today.
He did apologize and tried to hold me last night, but now when he touches me or talks to me I feel like he’s still thinking I’m somehow a failure for my birth plan or noticing my body changes. I feel like I want to cry and not be around him, honestly.
I know, rationally, that I’m hormonal right now and riding that emotional wave - but I can’t stop thinking about it today. I want to talk to him, he has tried, but every time I think about verbalizing how it made me feel, I start to cry. I feel… dumb/defeated.
I just needed to vent to someone besides him. I’m not in the right headspace for that today.
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2021.10.23 16:49 LegoManiac9867 The one thing we all agree on

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