Wen moon 🌝

2021.10.23 18:35 Sensitive-Let-1916 Wen moon 🌝

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2021.10.23 18:35 KrazyTako $150 EDC Saturday and Sunday ticket

I have a 3 day GA pass for EDC. I won't be able to make it today and tomorrow. It is not registered with a name so it can be used by anyone to get inside.
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2021.10.23 18:35 KittenCouture This may be a stupid question but how do I find a stylist who works well with color? You can’t see most of my hair in the photo but my roots are grown out and the rest of the hair is unevenly bleached; second photo is what I’m trying to get to. I haven’t seen a salon in over four years.

This may be a stupid question but how do I find a stylist who works well with color? You can’t see most of my hair in the photo but my roots are grown out and the rest of the hair is unevenly bleached; second photo is what I’m trying to get to. I haven’t seen a salon in over four years. submitted by KittenCouture to femalehairadvice [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 18:35 wearereddit_ American horror stories

What’s the best episode of American horror stories so far? Excluding the first 3 as I’ve already watched those. Thanks
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2021.10.23 18:35 Dysjnssji Is crusader really that bad, and also, if it is, will the class get a buff eventually?

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2021.10.23 18:35 gayice UNION OR BOYCOTT.

I'm cutting right to the chase. It's time to put down the cup and start speaking with our wallets (or gold cards, as the case may be). Have you gone to Starbucks at any time during the pandemic? Likelihood is, you've either witnessed or been in the vicinity of some sort of atrocity. I see posts here about how guests are enabled to mistreat partners and misbehave freely, how the mounting pressure leads to serious errors, inconceivable wait times, and even dietary restrictions not being respected or adhered to. I see how decade-tenured partners are being treated, how they are valued in comparison with new hires, and the struggle that Starbucks' speedily evolving business has caused them while corporate continues to adopt the same management strategy and scope. Expectations and output are ever-growing, while training and compensation stagnate. This is not a surprise, as it is the norm in the food industry over the last several decades. Starbucks has ridden too long and far on its progressive image while their baristas and supervisors face literal hell every day, as Starbucks continues to fail to adhere to even their most basic core values. I read the letter from Rossann, I sent a tweet her way, and now I'm here, because this blatant disrespect in the face of so many thousands who literally give themselves, body and mind, to this corporation has left me without much recourse.
I am not a Starbucks employee, nor have I ever been. I am someone with a decade of experience in hospitality, from being a barista at another company to managing and building menus for cocktail bars. I am someone who has bled cash I don't have for the pick-me-up that Starbucks was always meant to be, when I didn't have $10 or $20 dollars to allocate to self-care. From my literal childhood, as someone with PTSD and terrible anxiety, Starbucks has been one of the places which are so few and far between where I don't (or didn't) have to feel the terror of somehow fucking up in the course of the transaction. Where my looks or appearance were not of consequence. Where the baristas, cashiers, and even SSVs have taken the time to make a difference in my day, or to help me bridge the gap when I can't quite get what I want or where I mean to be when I make a mistake ordering or navigating the process. I have had conversations over the counter or through the window about my interests, my desires, and even once, my problems, not even having meant to burden the lovely young woman working the window who could tell I was having trouble. My home store was so kind to me, even as a teen, when so many establishments have a bias toward the entire age group. And I have been steadfast through it all, my first coffee, espresso, even the first time I tried matcha, all within your stores and to my utmost delight. From a squirt drinking tall double chocolate chips til today, when I stop in on a sunny day for a green tea lemonade to hydrate and tamp my sugar cravings down in a way a little less devastating to my glucose levels, Starbucks has been a constant in my life when all other things have been transient. Many nights when I was forced from my home with nowhere to go, I began my overnight journey in the cafe of my closest location, grateful for space I could take up while I sipped my drink and nibbled at a brownie and tried not to make a mess or cause anyone trouble. I was cautious of time and made my leave when it was 15 minutes til close, but no one ever pressured me out. And that was my impression of Starbucks--a true third place, somewhere I was welcome to be when there was nowhere else. And my dismay has been great as I have watched everything that made it so go by the wayside.
My order is right 30% of the time, even as I have significantly pared down the complexity. For the first time and several more, I have been outwardly mistreated by employees, despite tipping ahead of time on mobile, never hounding them or staring, saying please and thank you and speaking with genuine gratitude, having my order and payment ready to go, and always maintaining that partners are humans above all else who deserve kindness and dignity. It is crystal clear to me what the environment overall as well as direct working conditions have had on employees of Starbucks, and I am unafraid to say that my experience has been really abysmal in a lot of ways. And to be clear, I DO NOT and CANNOT blame the partners for the situations they are put in and their powerlessness in the face of customers who are either power-tripping or cold-hearted. I cannot hold them accountable when their superiors will do absolutely nothing to protect them because of the culture Starbucks corporate has cultivated. I will not point the finger at the boots on the ground when Starbucks is allowing them to be so swamped, so overwhelmed with increasing business and responsibilities that they simply cannot adhere to standard while satisfying the endless metrics, labor quotas, and training requirements. As a bar manager, the lack of access to recipe resources is fucking astounding and I believe a direct cause for so much agonizing once a drink is passed over the counter the guest, and yet emblematic of so much more. You are being hung out to dry, and as a fellow service employee, I won't fucking stand for it any longer. I am saying this because many of you are rightfully afraid to with the actions of SBUX corporate in Buffalo looming--U N I O N I Z E. We see what they are doing, and we support YOU.
I will not be back until you have rights. Starbucks has virtue-signaled their way into a hole, talking up their ability to satisfy their partners' needs and right these wrongs, all the while demonstrating that they WILL NOT take these actions until they are forced to do so. So make them. And to any fellow customers who are here on this sub, I implore you to take your money elsewhere.
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2021.10.23 18:35 NoUnderstanding4689 :D

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2021.10.23 18:35 Imnotgoodwithnames3 My first grow a bit over a week into flower. The front one is Mimosa EVO x orange punch and the back one is Phantom cookies x OG Kush

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2021.10.23 18:35 texytas Abulia/Ayuda

Que le recomendarían a alguien está pasando x una depresión fuerte. Mis amigos no entienden realmente la gravedad del asunto y poco a poco están desistiendo de intentar lo que sea para ayudarme. Se que es algo que tendría que resolver x mí mismo mediante terapia y esas cosas. Pero mientras pasan los días entre una sesión y otra no se qué hacer con mí vida. Mí rutina se en dormir y leer sobre psicología y espiritualidad en internet. Me gustaría saber si pasaron x algo similar y que hicieron para superarlo, si leyeron libros, cuáles? O que prácticas los ayudaron a sentirse mejor o más motivados. Gracias x el tiempo
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2021.10.23 18:35 Nevets52 People who were in long-distance relationships, how did it go?

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2021.10.23 18:35 New_Bus9346 How to get better

I’m new to basketball. I’ve been playing for a couple months inconsistently. What should I do to get better? What should I prioritize? Im in college and I can go practice whenever for however long. Are there any good training programs you guys have?
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2021.10.23 18:35 scatmantha Not sure if this has been posted, but surprise surprise, they’ve made a YouTube channel… link can be found in their IG bios 👀

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2021.10.23 18:35 SpartanAus [XB1] H: Ts50c25lvc & TS50c15c Fixer, AAE25 .50 Cal, AAE90 mini, QE15rl db, TS50c25lvc Radium, Tbr +I Sent Marine Set 7:1 W: VE? Gp

[XB1] H: Ts50c25lvc & TS50c15c Fixer, AAE25 .50 Cal, AAE90 mini, QE15rl db, TS50c25lvc Radium, Tbr +I Sent Marine Set 7:1 W: VE? Gp submitted by SpartanAus to Market76 [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 18:35 KazuichiPepsi CONTEXT IS FOR THE WEAK

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2021.10.23 18:35 just_for_fun_tbh 45 [M4F] Illinois - Seeking a truly unique relationship. A relationship, a partner, and a girlfriend.

I want a truly unique type of relationship. One that I feel only exists in the realm of fantasy. But here I am, putting myself out there, because that's all I can do to make it known I'm here and waiting.
I have spent my time searching online. Responding to ads. But I have never found what I seek.
First and foremost, I want a relationship. An actual relationship IRL. I want to build a relationship with someone over time. Stable. A loving bond. I want to do relationship things. I want to feel we will be there for each other. There will always be ups and downs, but that's expected and we will see through them. We will chat, have deep discussions, laugh, support each other in our life endeavors, explore new restaurants (and frequent old favorites), grow together and learn as we evolve, see each other as true partners in this life, and simply enjoy each other as we build a life and share our time together.
For me: I'm never married and have no kids. I like to get out and be active. I'm tall and thin. I'm a bit of a nerd and like learning and curiosity. I have too many projects and always keep busy with either physical activity or mental. Looking for someone to walk, bike, and adventure with as well as try new things I haven't been exposed to yet.
All of that is standard relationship talk. And in itself, is not particularly difficult to find in a similar minded partner.
But what makes my situation nearly impossible is what I see happening within our relationship beyond what I've listed above.
I want to explore my feminine side. I want you to not simply tolerate my desires, but encourage them. And not only encourage, but also desire them and share as it is a part of our relationship.
What makes it even more tricky is the fact I'm not exactly looking for a partner to play my Mistress or Domme. I'm not looking to be a sub or controlled. I'm looking for an equal partner. I'm looking for a girlfriend. And I'm not looking to roleplay, but actually live this way as an integral aspect of our relationship.
I am male and will still present as male. I'm not interested in being a trans woman. I'm more gender fluid. So simultaneously male and female. I like my male equipment and hope you do too. Who says I can't be both genders at the same time?
So what exactly do I mean? Let's talk about details. I imagine we talk about cute panties and bras and go shopping together to buy them. You do my make-up and help me pick out clothes. You like the way I look and encourage more time around the house in feminine dress. My feminine side turns you on as we play around and my male equipment is used to your advantage. My love of anal doesn't go unnoticed and you get as much or more satisfaction out of it than I do. We talk about our desires and explore new kinks as we evolve.
If you read all this and you agree and want something similar, I'd like to hear from you. Let's talk more.
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2021.10.23 18:35 HighBeamsCrew Honda S2000 Night Drive POV

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2021.10.23 18:35 starrypothos [Humor] "Does my orchid look healthy?"

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This space has become a scammers' paradise...
Everywhere you look there's rugpulls disguised as shit ass meme coins, destroying the reputation of DeFi and hiding its true potential. Well folks, Shield Network has created one of the most secure pre-audit launchpad on the BSC. 💎SHIELDPAD💎.
Designed specifically with never before seen anti-scam features to ensure the highest security. Shieldpad will change the way people view DeFi. Creating a safe zone that is much needed in this space.
After many months of working, Shield Network just announced the audit completion of Shieldpad (audited by solid group). So dyor, and GET INTO THIS PROJECT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!💯🙌💎
Shield Network website - https://www.shieldnetwork.io/ Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/ShieldNetworkv2/ Telegram - https://t.me/shieldnetio Phemix academy article - https://phemex.com/academy/what-is-shield-network
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2021.10.23 18:35 TogetherWeHappy To the mooon

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2021.10.23 18:35 PracticalPraline How to spin a a “needs improvement” for timeliness

TLDR: needs improvement or timeliness checked on a and eval paper. Also said will be great at whatever she does. Will this be a red flag? Should I try to save myself in the personal comments section? Or I could honestly just throw the paper away and get another person to write an entirely new one.
Hi guys! I am interested in surgery and I got one of our cool residents to fill out my form since I feel like he knew how I work best. These are midcourse evaluation‘s that we submit. From what I thought they might contribute to our MSPE? They also might not.
The issue: late (?) notes
Throughout the weeks I was with the resident, (not gonna lie) I often got there to see and write the note for my patient in the nick of time 😥
he was either already there or was finishing up and had already seen them. This would happen prior to the time he told us to be finished up.
What happened: needs improvement indicated on my form
So anyway, on my evaluation he checked needs improvement for timeliness. all of the other boxes he checked competent/advanced.
I’m not offended or anything, it’s true, but there’s a section where we write about our self -
things that we thought we did well and things we need to improve on.
I haven’t filled out the section yet so I was thinking maybe commenting about this issue.
Reason for later notes: There were days when it was because of who I am as a person… And a lot of days where I just spent extra time chatting with the patient in the morning (which often lead to some valuable information)
He said that I “will be great at whatever I choose to do.” + more positive things prior to this…
Is the statement secret code???
Will another surgeon see that statement and say maybe she’s not a good fit for surgery? I would think that they would want to see some thing like “would be a great candidate” or whatever.
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2021.10.23 18:35 faati06 The moon has it's flaws too

Majestic moon in the night sky. Brighter than every star shining by its side. Displaying it's beauty for everyone to see, You stare at it so lovingly.
Broken soul in the reflection of the mirror. Slowly losing your light, in dire need of a savior. Blinded by lies, your beauty you no longer see, You stare at yourself so coldly.
Sweet honey escapes your lips As you speak of the moon, But poison seeps out your tongue As you speak of you.
Society has been so cruel, It blinded you from the truth. It told you that beauty is all that isn't you. Yet it seems you have forgotten, The moon carries it's own flaws too. The same moon you speak so fondly of. The same moon you deeply captivated by.
The moon covered in craters Its land is dusty and dry. And compared to the sun Its light is not nearly as bright.
Yet you love it still. So don't you see, The beauty you praise of the moon Has nothing to do with the way it looks, Rather the way it makes you feel.
Its dim light brings calmness to the soul. The peace it brings with night. The comfortable space it creates. The safeness it makes you feel.
And just like the moon, You bring about feelings That physical appearance could never do.
There are people that admires your soul. Craves to be in your presence. Considers you to be there home, And thinks of you as a ray of hope.
We all have flaws Like a normal human being. So maybe the definition of flaws is flawed And not you.
So just like the moon that you love so immensely, You are so beautiful too.
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2021.10.23 18:35 TriTipMaster Pismo Beach butterfly grove sees 3,500% increase in monarch count.

Pismo Beach butterfly grove sees 3,500% increase in monarch count. ‘We’re thrilled’ BY MACKENZIE SHUMAN OCTOBER 22, 2021 10:35 AM
"Early counts of the western monarch butterflies overwintering in the southern San Luis Obispo County grove show a 3,500% increase in numbers compared to the previous winter — and experts say they’re “cautiously optimistic” that the species may be edging away from extinction. “This is a super exciting time because they’re still showing up,” said Emma Pelton, senior conservation biologist with the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. “So we expect, overall, the numbers are going to keep going up.”"
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2021.10.23 18:35 jarred-tech Bought some cars for a dollar each really good condition and older cars

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2021.10.23 18:35 TheNeonBeach I can’t wait for the Dune review, but? What do you think the guys will think? I love it by the way. Seen a few muppets on YouTube saying it’s terrible. I only respect the views of RLM.

I can’t wait for the Dune review, but? What do you think the guys will think? I love it by the way. Seen a few muppets on YouTube saying it’s terrible. I only respect the views of RLM. submitted by TheNeonBeach to RedLetterMedia [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 18:35 GodIsAP-I-G-E-O-N [Lamborghini Gallardo 1st gen] Lakewood, CO

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